You can JOIN the Manuel de la Torre Golf Teaching System Group by clicking on the “Download Application” tab below and filling out the application.  You will then receive an email with your login and will be able to access the additional content.

There is a minimum $100 initiation fee that must accompany your application. We welcome additional support as we are a self funded organization.

This group does not have non-profit status. Go to the “Purpose” tab on the Homepage to see more details on the formation of this group. All of the funds collected will go to adding more quality information to this website for the benefit of all golfers and golf teachers who are in search of better golf. All of the work done with this group is on a volunteer basis and there is no paid staff. We can only accept checks or cashier’s checks, no credit cards please.

Please print and then fill out the Teacher’s section of the application if you have had more extensive contact with Manuel de la Torre’s teaching system through his lessons, clinics, teaching seminars, his book, dvd and you use his concepts in your golf teaching.

Please print and then fill out the Golfer member’s section of the application if you appreciate Manuel and you want to support the efforts to create a quality online presence that will help expose Manuel’s golf teaching system to golfers and golf teachers now and in the future.

You must join one of these 2 groups to receive a login to access more of the archives on this website. These videos, articles, notes and photos may be in a rougher form and are intended for the very serious devotee of Manuel de la Torre. We will be adding more items to this section as the funds become available.

We are not including email addresses in our lists as these type of lists are often grabbed by computers.  We do need your email address on the application as this will be your username to login.