“I would rather give a thousand lessons for a dollar a piece than
give one lesson for a thousand dollars.” – Manuel de la Torre
  • To preserve all information about Manuel de la Torre’s golf teaching system for the benefit of all aspiring golf teachers and students who are interested in improving by using these concepts.
  • To get together annually to share information and fellowship among golf teachers.
  • To reach out to young golf teachers in order to perpetuate Manuel de la Torre’s golf teaching system for the benefit of the game of golf.

Some other purposes of this group:

  1. To never allow the book, Understanding the Golf Swing by Manuel de la Torre, to change or be altered in the future.
  2. To never allow “Manuel de la Torre Golf Schools” to be created.
  3. To never allow any franchise structure to be used to charge for or to exploit Manuel’s good name and reputation. An example would be to name the “_____ Golf School – a Manuel de la Torre Golf School.” However we would encourage the “_____ Golf School” – using Manuel de la Torre concepts in our teaching.
  4. To always allow free public access to the information in the archives.
  5. To allow any golf teacher to become part of the group who wants to gain this knowledge to help their teaching. This is not intended to be just an elite group of experts on Manuel’s golf teaching system.

Being a Member of this group does NOT mean that your golf teaching practices or golf schools are officially “approved” by the group. Such official approval will never be granted nor is doing so the function of this group.

System: an ordered and comprehensive assemblage of facts and principles in a particular field of knowledge.

Excerpts from Manuel’s book,
“Understanding the Golf Swing” published in 2001

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What Does a Golf Swing Look Like, Page 58

Restricting the Backswing Size, Page 84

The Most Common Cause, Page 143

Maintaining Purpose, Page 193

Articles written about Manuel de la Torre

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"The Learning Tree" by Jaime Diaz, May 1, 2001, Sports Illustrated Golf Plus

“The Love of Teaching” by Gary D’Amato, May 12, 2015, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

“Manuel de la Torre passes at age 94” by Bob Denney, June 2016, PGA Magazine