Teachers and Members List

Here are 2 alphabetical lists of Golfers who are affiliated with our group. If you are a golf Teacher or just a golf-lover and want to be part of our group please click on the “Join” tab at the top of the Homepage.

So there are 2 lists; one is a list of Teachers and the second is a list of non-teacher Golfers who have a fondness for Manuel de la Torre and his teaching system and want to be a part of the group in order to gain access to all of the archives at this website.  Your contributions will also allow us to add more videos, notes and articles to this website.

We thank the Teachers and Golfers listed below for their support but being listed here does not mean that we have researched or give a “seal of approval” to the products or services listed below.



Tommy Aaron
Gainsesville, GA
(770) 503-6315
Business Affiliation: PGA Tour
Brett Alexander
Ogden, UT
(801) 458-2339
Business Affiliation: NA
Jack Atwood
6560 Dirt Rd., Freeland, WA 98249
(360) 331-6274
Business Affiliation: NA
Jon Breit
Naples, FL
(239) 777-2105
Business Affiliation: Northwestern Mutual Financial Network, Wealth Mgmt. Advisor - CFP
Elaine Carson
266 Wolford Rd., West Sunbury, PA 16061
(724) 679-2159
Business Affiliation: Northwood Realty Services
Lynn de la Torre
Racine, WI
(262) 902-7398
Business Affiliation: N.A.
Jason Gilboy
1457 N. Halsted, Unit 614, Chicago, IL 60642
(773) 251-4383
Business Affiliation: GLL Investors
Rita Gregory
Springfield, MO
(785) 317-4462
Business Affiliation: Springfield Golf & Country Club
Nathan Holt
St. Louis, MO
(314) 884-2813
Business Affiliation: Krilogy Financial LLC, Nathan S. Holt CFP
Tim Horan
12395 42nd Ave N., Plymouth, MN 55441
(612) 310-6101
Business Affiliation: NA
Dana Horton
Worthington, OH
(614) 716-3606
Business Affiliation: NA
Wally Litwa
Clearwater, FL
Business Affiliation: NA
Reed Mackenzie
3 Bird Lane, Chaska, MN 55318
(612) 423-3113
Business Affiliation: NA
Jerry Meyer
St. Louis, MO
(314) 315-6443
Business Affiliation: Rubicon Corporation
Robert Miner
Newport, NH 03773
(603) 843-8653
Business Affiliation: NA
Steve Nichols
Oconomowoc, WI
(414) 614-6297
Business Affiliation: Warnke-Nichols Ltd, - Investment Mgmt.
Brian O'Sullivan
Chicago, IL
(773) 350-9629
Business Affiliation: NA
Dan Raymond
Fairfield, Iowa
(641) 919-6944
Business Affiliation: Beta Energy
Chris Tsouris
27605 E. Moraine Dr., Aurora, CO 80016
(303) 946-2951
Business Affiliation: Strategic Computing
Jake Warde
Forest Knolls, CA
(650) 468-1393
Business Affiliation: Warde Publishing, Inc., Publisher

Excerpts from Manuel’s book,
“Understanding the Golf Swing” published in 2001

* Click icons below to view full size PDF

What Does a Golf Swing Look Like, Page 58

Restricting the Backswing Size, Page 84

The Most Common Cause, Page 143

Maintaining Purpose, Page 193

Articles written about Manuel de la Torre

* Click icons below to view articles

"The Learning Tree" by Jaime Diaz, May 1, 2001, Sports Illustrated Golf Plus

“The Love of Teaching” by Gary D’Amato, May 12, 2015, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

“Manuel de la Torre passes at age 94” by Bob Denney, June 2016, PGA Magazine